Core Competences

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Shear Cutting

In addition to general research work in the field of forming technology, the chair has specialised in the field of shear cutting for many years and can draw on a wealth of experience.

With the experimental technology available at the chair and the know-how built up, the following processes are possible:

  • Production of shear-cut samples of various geometries with sheet thicknesses from 0.1 to 10 mm, varying process parameters such as die clearance or cutting edge geometry
  • Various process variants such as fineblanking or two-stage shear cutting possible
  • Cutting of electrical sheet, steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, hybrid and plastic sheets
  • Wear investigations with variation of lubrication, sheet material, tool stiffness, thermal current, active element material and coating
  • Preparation of samples for the identification of the fatigue strength of shear cut edges
  • Investigation of embossing, clinching and bending operations, also in combination with shearing operations.
  • Experimental determination of the edge crack sensitivity of shear-cut samples

Established evaluation methods at the chair:
Determination of required values for the evaluation of the cut surface characteristics, the wear behaviour and the behaviour of shear-cut edges in subsequent operations or in application cases:

  • Quantification of active element wear, adhesion and sliver formation
  • Measurement of process forces
  • Measurement of cut-surface characteristics
  • Macro and micro hardness testing
  • Identification of characteristics for the consideration of the edge crack behavior in the simulation
  • Identification of the electromagnetic properties of shear-cut electrical sheets